What is Waffletechnology®?


What is Waffletechnology®?

Cleaning cards are used for the purposes of preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs, eliminating or minimizing failed transactions, which result in frustrated and unsatisfied customers, and to ensure overall efficiency and reliability. Waffletechnology® cleaning cards achieve a level of clean that is unmatched. Using Waffletechnology® cleaning cards allows the user to achieve a more advanced clean, while actually decreasing cleaning frequency, which saves time and money.

The concept behind Waffletechnology® is very simple: achieve complete access to critical components within the equipment. Because optical lenses are rounded and most sensors are recessed, access cannot be achieved through the use of flat cleaning cards. The solution is very simple: design a card that is not flat

Waffletechnology® cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces. These cleaning platforms are essentially spring-loaded, significantly increasing the pressure applied to the internal components as the card passes through the mechanism. Not only is cleaning pressure increased, but the platforms actually spring up into surface cavities to clean recessed sensors. Additionally, the leading and trailing surfaces of rounded optical lenses are effectively cleaned. Flat cards do not touch recessed sensors and, at best, only come into contact with the convex tip of a rounded optical lens. As the card is accepted into the mechanism and as it is dispensed by the mechanism, it is cleaning all surfaces.

A large scale study at an Equipment Repair Center tested the effectiveness of Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards and found that 78% of card reader terminals returned due to service failures were immediately functional after cleaning.

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